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CAT TIME: Can My Cat Tell Time?


CAT TIME: “Have you ever wondered how your cat always knows exactly when to start meowing like crazyyyyyy for food RIGHT. ON. TIME. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?

Or how she knows to wake you up as soon as the sun starts rising?

Like jeez, it’s SUNDAY. Doesn’t she know it’s a morning to sleep in?

All these things beg the question: Can cats tell time?….”


These Are The Best Cat-Proof Ornaments

“Cats seem to love batting at the most breakable things, sending them crashing to the ground. And Christmas ornaments are no exception.

You’ll probably never be able to stop your cat from going after your tree, but you can switch to ornaments that are totally shatterproof! That way, no matter how much your cat bats and paws at them, your ornaments won’t end up breaking….”


Therapy Dogs from Children’s Hospital L.A. Make Virtual Visits While Social Distancing

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

“At the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the dog therapy program has adapted to make sure their lineup of 127 four-legged friends can still visit patients, families and staff, even if via a computer screen. For the organizers — who haven’t missed a day of service in the past five years — the work-around was a must for their mission to continue….”


‘Pets Together’ Program Helps Seniors, Nurses and More Have Virtual Playdates With Cute Animals

Animal Farm Foundation

“Animals — with their licks, cuddles, and silly antics — seem to make everything better.

We’ve seen the healing power of animals throughout the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as pet adoptions skyrocket, therapy animals bring joy to healthcare workers, and zoos throughout the country entertain us with live updates of their residents….”


More evidence that pets benefit mental health

Medical News Today

“Pet owners have long known — or rather, felt — that spending time with their beloved animal companion lowers stress and improves mood.

An extensive review that Medical News Today reported on included several testimonials from people living with mental health conditions who vouched for the emotional comfort and psychological benefits that their pets brought them.”


How to make your pet happy and healthy (hint, just listen)


“From chickens to iguanas to pit bulls, Gary Weitzman has seen it all.

In his more than two decades as a veterinarian, he has developed strategies for treating common ailments and behavioral problems in our animal companions, and has distilled his know-how in the new National Geographic book, Complete Guide To Pet Health, Behavior, And Happiness.”